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CASTLE KEEP, High Wycombe.

Originally built at the end of the 18th century, BMC was responsible for the most recent update and renovation, with a client brief to maintain the historic appearance whilst introducing a host of updates and environmental innovations.

The façade of an extension now has an attractive vertical and roof garden

  • Solar panels provide sustainable energy
  • Improved insulation in the roof and walls ensures the building heats and cools more efficiently
  • Triple glazed windows were installed throughout
  • Heat exchangers were added into the two bathrooms.

NEW BUILD, Taplow.

The instruction to build a five thousand square foot house in Taplow was a wonderful opportunity. The basement construction guaranteed by Pudlo, the forty thousand face bricks chosen from Marshalls and a pantile roof gave the new build a substantial presence in the kitchen gardens surrounded by the Georgian brick walls from the former stately home.

The inside was dominated a bespoke oak staircase, leading down to the gym and cinema room and up through the contemporary accommodation to the attic suite and prayer room.

The space on the ground floor was divided by opaque electronic glass screens, leading out to the large patio and lawn and this was the company’s first NHBC build!

25 PALLISER ROAD, Chalfont St Giles.

Biomass (wood pellet) boiler: Heating via radiators + hot water. 25kW unit running at 10kW: uses average 3.48tonnes of pellets a year
Result: annual heat + hot water (after contribution from solar thermal) generation 18,250 kWh/yr.

Solar thermal for hot water: 12 + 12 evacuated tubes, 2 pumps, on east and west roofs.
Result: Annual solar hot water production = 1,200 kWh, out of annual use of 2,800 kWh.

Rain water harvesting: 110m squared roof area 3,300 litre tank.
Result: saving 20,000 litres main water a year, out of total of 65,000.

Extra insulation and sealed ventilation + mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR):
Extra insulation to loft, roof, dormers, garage-house wall, front door.
Sealed draughts, floors & skirting board, bathroom gaps, + installed duct MVHR ventilation system.


The Buckinghamshire Advertiser quoted the following under the headline ‘The rising cost of a fourth bedroom’

The average cost of upsizing from a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom house in the South East of England is £176,330, according to research recently published by Savills. The Chiltern local authority area was ranked third with the additional cost of a fourth bedroom being £254,258

Andrew Cronan, head of Savills Beaconsfield, said ‘This research is further evidence of what we have always known – that is, that the benefits of living in this area, including good access back into London, superb schools and an increased quality of life, make it among the most desirable places to live’

But an extension can enhance the accommodation of the whole property and once the statutory permissions have been secured the Project can be completed in a matter of weeks


An integral component of every build is the substitution of a load bearing wall with structural steelwork

This requires the implementation of the Structural Engineer’s design with the support of the weight whilst the substitution takes place

Experience and confidence are key to success

And the work is subject to scrutiny by the Building Inspector at each stage to ensure structural integrity and compliance with the fire regulations

Some designs are more complicated than other.